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Manufacture Limousine de Clôture presents its different fences.



Fence in split stakes, half-round or quarter-round mixed, linked with 3 or 4 ranks of double zinc-coated wire of A class according to the height.

The space between the bars is made at your request, with a minimum of 3 cm.

This type of fence suits very well the parks, gardens, moto-cross circuits and snow fences.

They are especially made for fastening, protecting and restoring dunes.

Can be installed on a round chestnut post.

Usual heights : 0.80m – 1.00m – 1.20m- 1.50m – 1.75m – 2.00m


Barked, pointed, exclusively round, sawed or split.

They have to be dug in 50 cm minimum.

By stackable pallets of 1.15 m  x  1.15 m  x  length of the post.

Usual  heights : 1.60m  -  1.80m  -  2.00m  -  2.50m
Usual diameters : 6/8cm – 7/9cm – 8/10cm – 10/12cm

Arboriculture posts for picket fences, and infrastructure against hail.



This product is ideal for the protection of parklands, the layout of playground for children, the reinforcement of riverbanks...

Available as barked or not, pointed or not.

Usual lengths : 0.80m - 1.00m - 1.50m – 2.00m – 2.50m – 3.00m
Usual diameters: 10/12cm – 12/14cm


The half-round chestnut guardrails are made in round woods of diameter 11/12 cm.

The length is 2.00m or 2.50m maximum.

They can be installed on round posts of diameter 10/12 cm or 12/14cm, heights at your request.

They are usually used for parks’ fences or paddocks.



Link with a diamond pattern of 120mm made in profiled, half-round, pointed, planed stakes.

Nailed together with zinc-coated anti-wrenching points.

Rigid panels ready to install.

Standard length : 1.85m
Usual heights : 0.50m – 0.80m – 1m – 1.20m


In profiled half-round chestnut stakes, planed (picture on the right) or hand split and heat straightened up.

Horizontal struts of 47mm x 25mm, butted for covering the next panel.

Can be installed on round, half-round stakes, or square stakes, sawed on the back of the fence.

This wind break is particularly suitable for fencing parks, gardens, but also for screening around swimming-pools.

Panel width : 1.85m
Usual heights : 1m – 1.20m – 1.50m – 1.75m – 2m



In half-round chestnut stakes, planed and pointed.

The space between the bars is at your request.

The stakes are nailed together on horizontal struts of 45x20mm butted for covering the next panel.

Can be installed on round, half-round or square, sawed posts.

This type of fence is particularly suitable for surrounding swimming-pools, and for fencing parks or gardens.

Panel width : 1.85m
Heights at your request


Vertical crossed bars in profiled half-round chestnut stakes, nailed together on two horizontal crosspieces, and a protection handrail.

The space between the bars is at your request.

This fence is installed on square chestnut sawed posts of 12x12cm or chestnut half-round posts.

It is suitable in particular for fencing parks, gardens, and parklands.

It also used for floral composition.

Usual heights : 1m – 1.20m – 1.50m



Fence in cracked raw stakes, heat straightened up or with a chesnut “gaulette” (at the bottom).

Nailed together on three vertical struts, of the same nature as the covering.

Can be installed  on round or half-round chestnut posts.

Length of the panels : 1.85m and heights at your request.

Usually used as a sight-break for fencing parks and gardens.


Fence in a square link of 18mm, in stakes, heat and hand straightened up.

With a double covering in stakes for the bottom part of 60cm.

Decorative protection for the big national parks and forest alleys. It can be installed on round or half-round wooden posts.

Length of the panel : 1.80m


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